How It Works

With Haven, there is no cost. Depending on the Year/Make/Model of your luxury or exotic car, Haven will pay YOU to list your vehicle with us.

Why You’re Here

Here’s some basic assumptions: You’re here because you’re looking to exit your lease as quickly as possible with little to no out-of-pocket costs. Listing your luxury or exotic vehicle on antiquated websites that specialize in low-end cars hasn’t worked. You’re ready for a more robust solution designed to cater specifically to high net-worth individuals looking for short-term leases.
If that sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place.


Why Haven

Haven takes physical possession of your vehicle and makes your monthly payment until we find a qualified applicant to assume your lease.

We believe by giving your car a platform in the car capital of the world — Los Angeles — we give it the level of exposure it needs to find the right applicant who can actually get approved on your high-end car.

Best of all, we’re bound to the terms of the agreement until either the lease is transferred or the lease expires.

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First Step

Complete the Lease Consignment Agreement

The first step is to complete the Haven Lease Consignment Agreement. (Click Here). This is your opportunity to tell us all about your vehicle. Our agreement can be filled out and submitted electronically. Let’s save some trees!

Second Step

Schedule Inspection/Pickup

Once we receive your completed agreement, we can schedule an inspection. A real live human inspector (no cyborgs here!), will come and physically inspect your vehicle to confirm it’s everything you say it is. If everything looks good, your vehicle is loaded on to an enclosed trailer and shipped to Los Angeles at no cost to you.

Third Step


Upon your vehicle’s arrival we get it detailed, take an insane amount of high-resolution photos, and begin marketing your car here in the car capital of the world. Your next monthly payment, (and every payment thereafter), is on us!

Fourth Step

Complete the Transfer

Once we’ve found a prospective buyer, we submit a credit application to your finance company for approval. Upon approval, the vehicle is given to the new lessee and you are free and clear. If only everything in life could be this simple.